Michal Kolesar - Open Rescue and Research Videos (English subtitles)

Michal Kolesar - Open Rescue and Research Videos (English subtitles)

I have personally crawled through many fur farms, cattle rearing farms, poultry houses and pig barns and I am still surprised that all of this is real.

I have seen minks, ferrets and arctic foxes being killed so that an image obsessed slut could feel luxurious and sexy; lonely calves confined to small boxes, torn away from their mothers and their milk, because milk belongs to the business and calves to the slaughter houses; pigs sitting and gagging in shit, their own as well as others; purposely distorted chicks that are then called broiler chickens, who are advertised as healthy and tasty meat; and I have seen hens - madly cackling and half-lunatic egg machines - covered on feathers; and I saw that all is so damn hard. I have witnessed many other terrible abuses that the judiciary system as well as the mainstream society either endorse outright or are complicit with through their silence.

I could hope that one day a change will come and I can strive towards that future. It's just that... what about the animals whose lives, at this very moment, are maimed?

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