Panelová diskuse - „Hlasy osvobození: převzetí moci nad jazykem.“ (Praha)

Pátek 3. 7. 2020  15:30 - 18:00
Londýnská 41, Praha 2
Hlavní město Praha
Panelová diskuse - „Hlasy osvobození: převzetí moci nad jazykem.“ (Praha)

This event takes place in Prague & at the same time online via live stream! A link to the online stream will be posted here as soon as possible, so please enable notifications for this event!"Voices of Liberation: Reclaiming the power of language"

Our voices give power to language, this is an open panel discussion on unlearning speciesist, racist, sexist and heteronormative language. This is part of the event Reality Czech.Location: Auditorium at University of New York in Prague, Londýnská 41, Prague, Czech Republic.
Venue opens at 15:00


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